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The Isabel Sexual Maltreatment Response Certification Program can prepare your team to #supportsurvivors. This 90 minute arts-integrated training workshop is suitable for businesses and corporations such as Human Resource providers, Communications providers, Service Industry Professionals, and Wellness Professionals, The program can be adapted to meet individual community needs.

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If someone tells you they were sexually maltreated, do you know what to say? Community leaders need to feel comfortable discussing topics of mental health, trauma, and sexual maltreatment. By so doing, they can be more prepared to lead through a changing cultural environment. 

Take Care of Yourself

Listen to Anna Westbrook & Fern Velez describe four manageable action steps for self-care after stepping up for a survivor during their story-sharing experience. Learn how to debrief and deescalate and appropriately address your own needs.

BE a pivot leader

Watch Anna Westbrook describe what it means to change the tone of the conversation around sexual maltreatment and mental health. Learn how to leverage what you are doing RIGHT to address what needs to change. Then schedule an Isabel Response Training for your team.


Meet The Isabel Training Team

Anna Westbrook (B.A. Music Composition) and Fernando Velez (B.A. Sociology).

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Isabel programs meet a unique need within corporate environments. Ask about discounts for working in association with a youth orgs, non-profits, or for larger companies booking multiple training dates.

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