Isabel & The Runaway Train
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Learn to SUPPORT SURVIVORS of sexual maltreatment.

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Isabel & the Runaway Train is the contemporary jazz/folk musical that serves as a platform to discuss the challenging and painful topics of mental health and sexual maltreatment.

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To produce live and online training programs on research-driven mental health topics using artistic platforms.


To develop leaders who understand how to personally and positively impact the mental health of their professional community.


About Isabel & The Runaway Train writer:

Anna Westbrook is an experienced leader who has managed multiple large-scale artistic and educational programs in New England, Texas, and the Caribbean. She has managed relationships with over 40 businesses who use her two published children's books and associated lessons.

Anna has written curriculum on Dominican-Haitian Relations that has been published by the Center for Latin American and Colonial Studies at NYU. She has a B. A. in Music with a specialization in Composition from Connecticut College. In 2018, Anna produced Isabel & The Runaway Train in Austin, Texas, drawing a crowd of 300 audience members and collaborating with over 10 local businesses & organizations.

She now leads the Isabel training programs and oversees Isabel production needs. You can learn more about Anna on her website.

To ask questions about training needs, send Anna an email.

I felt like I better understood how a sexual [maltreatment] victim actually feels and goes through the steps of healing; not some overly dramatized tv version of a person, but how a real person would react and handle situations.
— Passenger Feedback Survey, July 2018 ATX Premiere
I feel more comfortable discussing sexual [maltreatment] because I feel I can do so in a way that is more appropriate and respectful of survivors.
— Passenger Feedback Survey, July 2018 ATX Premiere
It made a big and positive impression on my husband who’s been struggling with understanding the #MeToo movement for months now.
— Email from Passenger to Leadership, July 2018 ATX Premiere

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