Are You a Pivot Leader?

Are you the right person to be the catalyst for social change in your community? According to the Isabel Community Guidelines, A Pivot Leader is someone who is changing the tone of the conversation surrounding mental health and sexual maltreatment. Pivot Leaders advocate for healthy survivor-supporter relationships by finding good messages and effective strategies in the existing culture to pivot around as we transition to the improved culture that we desire. We model this strategy after the pivot chords that composers use to change keys within a song. Complete the Pivot Leader Assessment below to learn what you are doing RIGHT and start a conversation on your unique position within the sexual maltreatment response community. Then watch the video at the bottom of the page to hear Composer Anna Westbrook explain the blend of social and music theory that inspired the Pivot Leader terminology.

Pivot Leader Assessment

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Maltreatment Response Abilities
Maltreatment Response Abilities
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If a survivor told me a story of sexual maltreatment, I would know what to say to comfort them.
If a survivor told me a story of sexual maltreatment, I would know what action steps to recommend they take.
In my PERSONAL community, someone sees me as a leader.
In my PROFESSIONAL community, someone sees me as a leader.
In one or more of my social circles (personal or professional), I consider myself a leader.
Specified Solution Goals
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Specified Industry Leadership
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