What is Isabel?

Isabel & the Runaway Train is the contemporary jazz/folk musical that serves as a platform to discuss the challenging and painful topics of mental health and sexual maltreatment. Through guided viewings of our July 2018 premiere, 90-minute response training workshops, and full productions of the Isabel script & score; we create healthy survivor-supporter relationships. Isabel was created by Producer, Composer & Playwright Anna Westbrook. Book an Isabel experience by emailing or follow us on Instagram or Twitter for free training.

Creator & Founder: Book, Music, and Lyrics by Anna Westbrook (B.A. Music Composition, Connecticut College).

Organizational Support: Isabel is the primary program of the Austin-based company Anna Westbrook Community Leadership, PBC.

Mission To produce live and online training programs on research-driven mental health topics using artistic platforms.

Vision To develop leaders who understand how to personally and positively impact the mental health of their

professional community.

What are the Isabel Leaders like?

  • We create low-risk, high-impact training programs.

  • We are proud of survivors.

  • We celebrate successful healing moments.

  • We empower supporters to communicate better.

  • We provide manageable action steps. 

  • We are research-based, arts-integrated educators.

  • We anticipate sustainable cultural change.

What does an Isabel Experience feel like?

Watch “Healing” from Anna Westbrook’s Isabel & The Runaway Train to understand what an Isabel experience feels like. This scene and song were performed by Anna Westbrook, Emily Ownby and Mykkaela Garcia at the July 2018 ATX Premiere.