Isabel & The Runaway Train
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with low-risk, high-impact training materials.

I feel more comfortable discussing sexual [maltreatment] because I feel I can do so in a way that is more appropriate and respectful of survivors.
— Passenger Experience Survey, July 2018 ATX Premiere
“It made a big and positive impression on my husband who’s been struggling with understanding the #MeToo movement for months now.”
— Email from Passenger to CEO and Producer, July 2018

Read more quotes from our Passengers and learn more about our impact on the ATX community.

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Watch this TRAINING VIDEO with CEO, Composer & Playwright Anna Westbrook.


Watch this PERFORMANCE from our July 2018 ATX Premiere.


Isabel & the Runaway Train is a contemporary jazz/folk musical that serves as a platform to discuss the challenging and painful topics of mental health and sexual maltreatment.

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Our mission is to empower and support survivors of sexual maltreatment by inspiring community members to listen, read and discuss.