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The Isabel Training Program

"It is one thing to learn about something and it’s another to emotionally engage with the content that you are learning about. That is why artistic expression of educational content is so effective for social change. Through this Patreon, we release training materials based on the Isabel content in multiple formats. We invite you to learn with us." - Anna & Fern

Through training materials, you can learn to be a Pivot Leader and create lasting cultural change.

Leadership Credentials:
Anna Westbrook, Composer/Playwright and CEO of Isabel & The Runaway Train
B.A. in Music from Connecticut College and 17 years of experience in education.

Fernando Velez, Project Manager for Isabel & The Runaway Train  
B.A. in Sociology from The University of Texas and a background in theatre arts and video production. 

NOTE: Content created for ages 13+ 


Learn how to support survivors of sexual maltreatment by booking a performative workshop for your organization. Contact us for booking information or download the image to the right and send it to your team leader.

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